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Welcome to Lingbo Group!

Located in Guangzhou, China, Lingbo Group has been specialized in high precision CNC machining and other metal work since 2001. Over the past two decades, Lingbo group has grown from a family owned business, into a multi-million corporation that ships products all over the world. Equipped with the most cutting edge technology, Lingbo Group is able to produce a wide range variety of product, including CNC machining, Sheet metal works, Tool and Mold making, and many other areas. Our top notch quality, fast delivery, and satisfying customer service are the factors that win us countless returning customers.

However, we do realize that one factor that has stumbled us is the pricing. For the past two decades, we have always been dealing with foreign customers through brokers. The surcharge with each channel is astonishing. After knowing that we could save our customers a big portion of money and time, we decide to set a department ourselves in the US and give our customers the fair price that they always deserve.

We now have our US office set in Lisle, IL, focusing on serving all customers in the North America. Our customer service team will reply back any inquiry within 48 hours with a formal quote. 

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