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We offer the best quality with the most affordable prices

If you are looking for a way to bring up your production efficiency, lower your cost, or starting a now production line, Lingbo Group is your best choice. Our products range widely from metal tooling, machining parts, to wood molds and dies. We make our products with the most advanced technology by the most experienced craftsmen. 15 years of prospering history has earned us a great reputation in our customers. We look forward to serve you and help you greatly with your company's future plans

CNC Machining

Machining Parts (4).jpg

Our metal tooling is used mostly for making production parts with high precision. The tooling is made with top line CNC machines and materials per request. Heat treat service is also provided to elongate endurance and performance.

Tools and Molds

Metal Tooling (20).jpg

Our wood molds and dies are generally used for casting purposes. the wide range of size compensates the areas where our metal molds won't cover. Wood molds are also light on weight thus easy to handle. The very competitive price is another reason why some customer would choose wood over metal.

Sheet Metal


If your company is looking for a quick way to fulfill your customer's orders, and setting up a new production line looks like a major cost from your yearly budget, we offer a great service which we make production parts using our 5-axle machine center. The great quality and speed will save you both on money and time

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